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Final Concurso 3MT.

La Escuela de Doctorado de la Universidad de Valladolid celebra el próximo jueves, 20 de octubre, a partir de las 18 horas, en el Paraninfo de la UVa (Edificio Histórico. Plaza de la Universidad s/n) la gran final del concurso “¿Serías capaz de explicar tu tesis en 3 minutos?”

Tras la celebración de cinco semifinales, a las que se presentaron 89 aspirantes, serán finalmente 15 los doctorandos que competirán por alzarse con el primer premio

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Ponencia Dr. Cameron McCarthy

Digitalizing Tradition: Mobilizing History, Heraldry and Iconography in Elite Schools in Globalizing Circumstances

This presentation probes deeply into the tangled historicities that animate British-bequeathed elite schools now operating in new competitive transnational educational markets in selected post-developmental states.  The scenarios of this competition are increasingly moving online in photo and video-sharing websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Flicker and in the websites that individual schools are creating to consecrate their school heritages. I examine closely the work that postcolonial elite schools in a nine-country international study are doing with their historical archives, preserved cultural objects, architecture, emblems, mottos and their school curricula as they martial these cultural resources at the crossroads of profound change precipitated by globalization and attendant neoliberal imperatives.  This change is articulated across the whole gamut of global forces, connections, and aspirations. And, it is in relation to and through these dynamics that postcolonial elite schools must now position and reposition themselves—acting and intervening in and responding to new globalizing circumstances that often cut at right angles to the historical narratives and the very social organization of these educational institutions linked to England.  Globalizing developments have precipitated efforts on the part of these schools to mobilize their rich heritages and pasts as a material resource and not simply as a matter of indelible and inviolate tradition. History, then, I maintain in this context, cannot be reduced to the realm of epiphenomena of securely linear school chronologies.  Instead, drawing on Walter Benjamin’s “Theses,” I look at the way in which postcolonial school histories are “active in the present” and the way in which schools in India, Barbados and Singapore are adroitly and selectively managing their school identities in the light of globalization.  The results of these interventions are not guaranteed. They often run up against the revolution of rising expectations of school youngsters and their parents, the taste for global cultures and global futures indicative of the global ambitions of the young, and the pressures of alumni and other stakeholder interests which must be navigated.

Fecha: 21 de Octubre de 2016.
Hora: 11:00-13:00
Localización: Salón de actos de la Facultad de Educación y Trabajo Social (UVa). Campus Universitario Miguel Delibes. Paseo de Belén, sn. 47001.
Ponente: Dr. Cameron McCarthy (
Título de la ponencia: Digitalizing Tradition: Mobilizing History, Heraldry and Iconography in Elite Schools in Globalizing Circumstances
Organiza: Programa de doctorado de Investigación en Educación. CETIE-UVa.
Más información: Henar Rodríguez Navarro ( y Sara Villagrá Sobrino ( 983184479